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Is This Really About Religion, Constitutional Rights or Contraception?

I sincerely dislike government interference on this issue (or most any issue really) and think it should have been left in the hands of the state. This is not a constitutional issue, the company is not a person. The only reason this is brought before the Supreme Court is because Obamacare mandates that all employers provide insurance coverage for contraception. Since Obamacare has provided exemption slips to almost every other contention in his plan, why not this one?

This is not about every major corporation. These two companies, Hobby Lobby and the Mennonite company, are closely held organizations, meaning basically the family owns the business. That distinction alone makes it different and extinguishes the claim of those that every company in America will use this ruling (if it sides with the business owners that is) as a way to discriminate against its employees.

I always try to put myself in the place of the business owner and wonder how I would feel if I were forced to serve someone, or forced to make decisions for my employees, that disagreed with my own beliefs, be they religious or moral. For those who have ever owned their own business, they know that is their baby, they have put in grueling hours and, at times, literally built it from the ground up; and now the government is telling them how to operate it. On this I side with the business; it’s my company, they are my employees and I’d want to do right by them. If I disagreed with buying them contraceptives (which I don’t btw) then let them buy those things elsewhere.

I always try to also put myself in the place of the customer and employee and wonder how I would feel if my employer didn’t provide for what I needed and it was way too expensive for me to buy on my own. Well, as an employee, I’d find another job as soon as possible. As a customer, if a business didn’t want my business, why would I want to frequent a place like that? I’d go elsewhere.

The insurance thing. Insurance companies sell businesses package deals, they don’t get to pick and choose what is covered outside of those packages unless they are gigantic organizations. Talk about driving up insurance costs! If every single item had to be verified before insurance would agree to cover it, the entire medical system would fall down from the load of work necessary to verify coverage – and you and I both know medical facilities make sure it’s covered before they give treatment.

So this really isn’t what my least three favorite groups (the media, the extreme left, the extreme right) are screaming it’s about; this isn’t about contraceptives, it’s not about religion, it’s not about constitutional rights.  For us, the regular folk, it’s about the government telling us how to relate to one another.  Do we really need or want that?  Is it necessary for us to have a super-nanny telling us how to play nicely together?