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I remember being in the 18-22 age range and oh was I an extremist! I wanted everyone and everything to be fair, but only as long as they believed everything I did.  There was a saying on Facebook the other day that said “I’m so glad I was young and stupid before there were camera phones” and that is so true; I said and did a lot of things that I now see were idiotic. 

Now don’t get me wrong, standing up for what you believe in is a good and right thing to do.  As I am neither liberal nor conservative (I tend to be one of those anti-government people who believe our federal government should do nothing but protect our borders, run our military, collect taxes and settle disputes between the States) I honestly do not care what the subject of their little meeting was about, nor do I care who the reporter was.  What makes me laugh is watching these fresh-faced young men and women say with all sincerity that everyone is welcome no matter what (extremism) and then reject the woman based on her beliefs (bias). 

And yet the entire meeting seems to be based on discussing the collective opinions of everyone there.  But of course, only people who are on their side should attend, but as long as you think as they do, then you are welcome.  Oh, the joys of being young and dumb!

Just so you know, if the meeting had been a conservative gathering, it probably would have gone the same way.  A liberal would have been just as vehemently rejected as this poor girl was.