So here I am, once again sifting through mountains of paper that accumulate in my office. We are moving and it has to be done; did I mention I abhor packing up?  I’ve done it so much in my life I think I deserve a pass this time!

This is not a good move for us; there are so many conflicts and problems that I won’t depress you with the details.  Needless to say I am thinking about all those problems while going through this boring chore.

But then I see a folder; purple with bright colors.  I recognize it and immediately open it.  Inside are various papers that, at the time, were vital to the existence of my life.  You know, the kind of thing you absolutely need when you’ve just moved and the kids are at a new school.  Names and emails of new teachers, passwords to the kids programs they need for school, the address and code to the storage lot.  Notes to myself to call insurance and phone company to get the address changed.

It suddenly occurs to me that three years ago these things were so very important to me I had to put the information in the brightest folder I could get so I’d be able to spot it easily on my desk. But now, they mean less than nothing, only the pretty folder survived the trash bin.

So now this boring chore that I have to do every few years is still boring. But at least I have a fresh perspective this time on what is truly important – bright purple folders.  Seriously though, I can remember now the reason for our move, the reason for the problems and the one most important thing … we are still together as a family, and where there is us, there is laughter and love.  And the occasional sister fight, which is normal.