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Lately, the news is awash with Grand Jury’s not indicting police officers accused of shooting unarmed citizens, or causing their death.  You simply cannot look at any news show, you cannot view the Yahoo news tab or even view your Facebook timeline without seeing a new story or protesting over yet another event.

We see the anger, the frustration, the agony of the loved ones of the deceased and we are dismayed.  People protest and march down the streets and get arrested for not obeying the order to get out of the street or causing a disturbance.  It’s heartbreaking for us all, as a nation, because we know these protests most likely will die down, eventually go away and we will be back to square one in the near future with nothing accomplished.

So I’m going to be the one to say it to my fellow citizens:  yer doing it wrong.  Yes, protesting feels good at the moment, but it accomplishes nothing in the long run.

It seems that we have a general distrust, not really of a Grand Jury, but of the prosecutor in charge of presenting the evidence.  After all, there are the facts and then there is the way the facts are presented.

So I have another idea for us, nation.  Let’s change the law.  From the statistics that I have seen, police officers commonly are not charged when they shoot or kill a citizen, no matter if the citizen is armed or not.  Part of that reason should seem apparent to us all; the prosecutors work with the police to try cases on a daily basis, so they would be bias on the side of the police in a police shooting.  The prosecutor is told to prosecute one of the people they work with.  Not a good combination; his/her heart isn’t in it.

Are police racist?  Yes they are, but allow me to qualify that answer.  LEO’s (law enforcement officers) believe that if you are not wearing a badge, you are a different race.  There is them, and then there is us, the average citizen.

So back to my partial solution to this problem, to change the law; let us make sure that deaths by police are brought to a special prosecutor, perhaps one that works for Internal Affairs.

First, you need to understand who picks a Grand Jury.  It’s not the federal government, it is your state that is prosecuting.  So before you start calling your congressman in DC, close that Google window and stop searching for his/her DC number.  You need to find out who represents you in your own home state government. The law will need to be changed in each state.

Second, you need to contact both the state senator and the state representative elected for your area and request they submit a bill changing the process of who does the prosecuting in police killings. Put it on your calendar and in one month, write both of them another letter.

If everyone that protested these Grand Jury decisions were to send two letters every month to their senator and representative, your state would have no choice but to listen to you.

Third, call and/or write your local media stations and ask them to interview these state officials to demand when they are going to listen to the people and change the law and specifically what is the timeline for this to become a law.

Folks, we are a nation of citizens.  Each of us is important, from the person who has died to the police who, for the most part, do their best to keep us safe.  Let us make the law fair to us all; marching down the street and getting arrested for disorderly conduct will not solve the problem, nation.  Let’s work together to change things; agreed?