Why isn’t it perfect?

Today was the day I was going to get stuff done.  I have a kids room that reeks of that unclean kids room smell – if you are a mom, you know that smell – and I was going to post my photo at long last to the oDesk site, and someone had written ‘Hi there’ in the dust on the DVD player in the living room.  But, as always happens, the timing wasn’t perfect.  For one, I came down with a cold, so taking a photo of myself involved covering up my red nose with enough makeup to fool the camera.  Then, when I stepped into the office, now perfectly coiffed and ready to take a webcam pic of myself, the smell of cat litter hit me like a ton of bricks.  And no matter how I tried, I couldn’t stop that pinched look on my face that indicates something smells bad.  So I stopped to clean out the cat litter; the trash bag broke on the way to the garbage so I had to stop to clean that up, then found out I didn’t have enough cat litter to replace what I’d taken out.

So off to the store to get more.  It’s only when I’m standing in line do I realize I’ve got gobs of makeup on my nose; I figured it out when I wiped my nose on a tissue and came away with a makeup smear big enough to cover my whole forehead with it.  After that embarrassing moment, I went back home and sat in front of the webcam and took a fairly decent shot (I never look good in pictures, I’m woman enough to admit it!).

Then I couldn’t find the picture on my computer.  It sucks when you are so puter illiterate that you are unable to locate a file, which by the way, should be located with all the other pictures we have taken from the webcam.  So that ended my little foray into pic posting on oDesk.

Next, I went into the kids room, intent on cleaning it up, only to find that I’m 10 minutes late picking up the little one from the bus stop.  Muttering ‘please oh please let the bus be late’ as I grab the keys and jump into the car, I get there and all the moms are still waiting in their cars for the little ones.  ‘Whew’ I think as I sit back to wait, only to discover that I’m actually 20 minutes early, that the clock in my kids room was wrong.  That’s 20 minutes I could have been working on the kids room.

Now why oh why can’t things be perfect when I’m ready to actually get things done?  Here it is, almost time to start dinner and I’ve done nothing but embarrass myself in the grocery store, lose my picture and spill cat poop on the den carpet.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow.